How to set up Coin98 wallet

This guide offers instructions on how to get and set up a Coin98 wallet for Solberg token

We recommend using Coin98 wallet because it provides multiplatform support (web, android and iOS)

Using a Coin98 extension wallet

Go to and install Coin98 extension to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Using a Coin98 mobile wallet

Download Coin98 wallet: Android: iOS:

The rest of the steps are the same for both extension and mobile wallets.

Click on Create Wallet

Choose your password type and input password. Immediately after you will be asked to choose a platform to create your wallet on. Select Solana (SOL SPL) and name the wallet.

You should add some SOL in the wallet before you attempt to add Solberg (SLB) token

Now you are ready to send and receive Solberg ($SLB) tokens using Coin98.

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