How to add a market on DEX

In this article, it will be explained how to set a new market on the SOLBERG DEX Trade page.

Under the top-left side of the Trade page, there is a drop-down box from which the list can be chosen, Markets' pre-defined Solana pairs, among them, SOLBERG DEX token pairs will be listed (SLB/SOL, SLB/USDC, SLB/USDT):

If in the list, a token pair of interest is not listed, then a custom one can be created. To do that, click the plus (+) button next to the drop-down list and fill in Add custom market form with required data:

Market Id: enter a new market address. The market address can be found on Serum site for a desired token pair, or you can create a new market id and your token pair; this will be charged between 3~5 SOL.

Market Label: name of the market. A name that will be shown in the drop-down list of token pairs

Base label: name of tokenbeing traded

Quote label: a name of the quote token is the token used to price trades

In our example, RAY-SOL market will be added. Click plus (+) button on the top-left corner, next to the drop-down box. In the Market Id text box of the Add custom market form, paste the id of token pairs. Base label and Quote label text boxes will be automatically populated with the values:

Note: unknown token is an expected message when you enter Market Id.

In the Market Label, enter the name of the market and click Add button:

The newly created market will be shown in the drop-down list under the Custom section. Also, all related information regarding newly added token pairs will be displayed on the page, like Orderbook information:

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