Swapping using Coin98 on Raydium

This guide offers instructions on how to swap USDT to SLB using Coin98

To get started make sure you have at least 0.1 SOL in your wallet and that you have USDT on your wallet.

A) If you are on desktop and using Coin98 Chrome extension go to Raydium swap and connect your wallet using a button in the top right corner.

Make sure Coin98 is set to Solana network before trying to connect (Web3 priority should be set to Solana) - otherwise you may experience issues with connecting.

Follow the steps as in the Guide showing how to swap using Phantom :

Further down we will be describing how to use Swap with Coin98 on mobile app:

  1. After opening the browser go to Raydium swap

2. After opening the swap, make sure the Solana network is chosen in the bottom right corner before attempting to connect. After that click on the connect button at the top.

3. After connect select the SLB and currency you want to trade it for

Make sure you have Solana token list and Permissionless Pool token options enabled

4. Select your pair with SLB (in this example we are swapping USDC for SLB) and click on swap and approve the transaction.

After approving the transaction, check if the notifications if the transactions have been confirmed.

After the transaction is confirmed, you have successfully swapped USDC token for SLB token. Solberg should now appear in your wallet like in the picture below:

You can swap almost any SPL token on Solana network to Solberg using Raydium swap.

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