How to set up wallet

This guide offers instructions on how to get and set up a wallet for Solberg token is a bit more advanced than a Phantom wallet but offers good integration and usability.

Using a web wallet

Go to You can ignore the suggestion to use Phantom if you're sure about using sollet.

Notice: Don't forget to backup the recovery phrase in the safe place (you must download the backup mnemonic file in order to continue).

Using a extension wallet

Go to Add the extension to Google Chrome or Mozilla firefox

The rest of the steps are the same for both web and extension wallets.

Confirm the Mnemonic and click continue.

Enter a password and click on create wallet

Your SOL wallet is now created.

You should add some SOL in the wallet before you attempt to create Solberg (SLB) token wallet because creating a token wallet costs around 0.002 SOL

Now you are ready to send and receive SLB tokens using Sollet.

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